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One night love.

Jim sucked in his stum
He wanted some fun
Let the story begin
Her name was Brenda
Those hips were slender
But opportunites round here were thin
He gave her the line
When they drank the red wine
And those pub lights were dim
So Jim brought her home
Their hands started to roam
After drinking most of the gin
In the dance of lust
They both had it sussed
Then fell asleep with a grin
But when she woke up
Looked at his gut
And that large double chin
She put on her clothes
As the Sun arose
And left him there in the bin
So Jim did awoke
His heart it was broke
She’d put his head in a spin
But alas it had ended
He’d been unfriended
Now a loss that he thought was a win
Brenda never gave a care
To the man left floating on air
He certainly was no Errol Flynn
Her search carries on
It’ll run and run
Till she finds her true kingpin
And Jim? He tried to move on
Forget about the girl that had gone
But spent most of the time at the Inn
So that’s the end of the tail
Dead as a doornail
But for that night it made their hearts sing.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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