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I’ve been in hospital to have a thing done called an ablation. The doctors insert thin wires up through either side of the groin into arteries that go into the heart. I’m having it done because I have scarring in my heart from previous heart attacks which has been causing arrhythmia, making the old ticker going into a crazy dance. Then they burn away tiny parts of the heart that’s causing the problem. A bit like blocking a road completely. Hopefully it’s been a success. I’ll find out in next few weeks when the soreness settles down. Hospitals are funny places. You can’t sleep in there at night because of the noise and nurses think it’s mid afternoon. Chatting about what they had to eat or moaning about somebody. Unfortunately the curtains around the bed aren’t soundproof, so every patient cough and fart is amplified. When you actually drift away into the land of nod the night nurse comes in to take your blood pressure and shoves a electronic thermometer in your ear, saying,” You try and get some sleep.” Then disappearing into the darkness. Just as complete exhaustion takes you it’s half past five in the morning and you can hear the curtains being swished open and a happy voice saying, ” Good morning!” Half five! What am I? A farmer? Over and over and over. Here in Britain hospitals are amazing places, with some great people working there. But I could have cheerfully strangled that nurse if I had the energy. Back home now, had a great kip, bit battered and bruised ( I won’t say much about that but I won’t be riding a horse for a week or two..) but all is fairly good, so whatever you’re doing, have a nice day.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

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I hope it all goes well for you, Vinny, and that the ablation was a success. I had an ablation about four months ago. After about a week, I felt much better. Better even, than before the ablation. I now have much more stamina than I had before, and have been going on long hikes without a problem.

I hope for the same kind of recovery and success for you. Take care.

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Hahaha. You’ve at least kept your sense of humour. 🙂 I had that procedure 5 years ago (no heart attacks but I had racing going on – the ablation was used to kill the nerve responsible for triggering it) and there haven’t been any issues since. I didn’t have to stay in the hospital though – I was sent home after a few hours of observation. Feel better soon – no constant interruptions to your sleep cycle!

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That’s great news! 5 years! Yeah I had to stay in because it was general anaesthetic then my blood pressure dropped. Be on my feet soon though and yes, getting some sleep now!

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It is funny that you are woken up at all different hours of night for a blood test as well. I just say kill me now, I never want to go back! I’m wishing you improved health so you can be hospital free.👍🏻

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Hospitals can be horrible places, but are typically staffed with caring, well-meaning people. Still, it’s always good to be back home! I hope your ablation was a success and that you feel at least 90% better by the end of the week! Meanwhile, rest and take care, my friend.

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Hi Vinny! I decided to follow your website when I began reading this post. I, too, had the cardiac ablation back in 2018. My hearts been behaving itself since. I was told I had AVNRT, probably since I was a teen and it gets worse as you get older. Here in the US, I was kept overnight in a private room. Take it easy and rest. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

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The Ablation club eh! Glad your ticker is working well. I started writing the blog after I had COVID and done a few blogs about that and all different stuff really. Thanks for the follow.

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