Mother Nature turned and said, " What have you people done?"
"I've been here for quite a while spinning around this big old Sun."

" You came along and took me for a ride."
" Killing and poisoning me, you'll be crying when I've died."

" So you think you know better than me?"
" Polluting my sky and throwing death into the sea."

" And what you going to do when I snap, snarl and bite?"
" Cos time is coming I'll turn the day as black as night."

" You're getting me angry now, I'll show you whose the boss."
" You think you're here just for business? money? profit? loss?

" One day when it's too late, you'll scream, shout and cry."
" I'll keep turning...I'll wait until you say good-bye"

"It's the last chance now, no time left before you go."
" Cos if you don't listen up, you reap what you will sow."

10 thoughts on “MOTHER NATURE.

  1. So well said, Vinny! As I’ve read many a time, Earth will survive without humans, but humans cannot survive without Earth. ‘Bout time we woke up and paid attention to something other than our gas-guzzling autos, electronic gadgets, and all that plastic we unthinkingly toss in the rubbish, for our days are numbered if we don’t.


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