Lost in space two…the revenge of the menu.

Oh man….. technology wins yet again… Every Braincell has been used. Every dark recess of my mind has been searched and still it’s a no no. Damn this modern , fast paced, super speedy world we live in. All I want to do is change my menu and put my blogs and poems separately but no, the bloody thing won’t have it. In my drafts I have more menus than the local takeaway. I stupidly changed my profile picture to a tomato by mistake, and I nearly deleted my site. Oh I wish I was a bit more savvy with stuff. I’ve even tried the old trick of shouting at it but to no avail. Then inspiration struck! I thought,’ It’s a bit like the back of an album’. All the tracks listed. So after some careful consideration it’s staying as it is!

38 thoughts on “Lost in space two…the revenge of the menu.

  1. I’m firmly with you in the technophobe camp Vinny. Cheer up though, it was a cracking win for Hull KR last night, even if they did try to squander an 18 point lead!

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      1. Making a new page is simple, if your Admin area is like mine then it should be in the left sidebar. Also, if you have a link that says Themes, hit that and maybe you’ll find your original theme.

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      1. I can’t grasp today’s technology either, Vinny, but they’ve been helpful and patient when I’ve asked for help. And when I didn’t get it, they kept at it till I did get it. Can’t hurt to try. xx

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  2. A tomato! I thought it was an early Hallowe’en mask! WP seems to have a philosophy … “If it ain’t broke, then break it!” Every damn day there is something else that is different than it once was, something else to be figured out or worked around. Hang in there, Vinny … we’re all in this together!

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