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We have so much cash

Send a Rover to Mars

Satellites and rockets

All the way to the stars

Spend millions on bombs

Bullets and guns

War is a profit

Killing fathers and sons

With billionaires bloated

Greased political palms

Then church on a sunday

Reading the psalms

And people are starving

No food in their belly

Bored with it now

Lets turn on the telly

Homeless in doorways

Throw money in a cup

Conscience is cleared

Keep your chin up

The Food banks are thriving

Business is good

No bail out needed

Receive a knighthood

We’re slaves to a system

That’s broken and bent

Crooks rule the land

Our money stolen and spent

But maybe one day

We’ll rise up as one

Poor eats the rich

Till the feeding is done.

By Vinny

Middle aged geriatric from Hull, England.Slighty mad but aren't we all?

19 replies on “FAT CATS.”

Great poem Vinny! I often think what a great world it would be if all the money spent on weaponry was put into medical research or farming!
BTW your name features in a poem I am posting today.

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Your government and ours have their priorities seriously screwed up! ‘Tis the same here … we can afford billions of dollars to send a spaceship to Mars … for no good reason at all … but we have not raised the minimum wage in over 12 years and cannot manage healthcare for all. Sigh. Great poem, by the way!

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I can so relate. Where I live in the Tech giants like google and Facebook , excess and massive is standing next to homeless and nothingness. It’s sad and sickening because people and leaders accepted it as normal. The disparity of the rich, poor and middle income in the U.S. has been alarming widening and allowed without control. We can’t blame the pandemic for something that started long before it. It’s people doing the same or worse things again and again.

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I agree and it’s very much the same here and getting worse. So much greed around it’s terrible. Makes me so angry! I hope one day things will change but can’t see it to be honest. We need a revolution!

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