Where do we go….?

First “serious” poem. What the hell are dreams about? I woke up and wrote this. Let me know what you think!

Where do we go when we sleep?

To far away places?

Who do we meet?

In ever moving realms

Strangers who we’ll never see

On shifting moving ground

Spectrums of colours

Dream..land, seen by all…and none

Family come back with a smile

And point the road ahead

With broken hills that make no sense

Walk down old streets in dusty boots

To find my way home

Where do YOU go when you sleep?

21 thoughts on “Where do we go….?

    1. When my father in law was alive he had a dream about us winning 10 million on the lottery. Told me the numbers. That was about 15 years ago and we’re still waiting!

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      1. Yeah dreams are very elusive! Yeah had covid last year. Wrote a couple of blogs about it. Nearly killed me. Brutal virus. Got something called long covid now but still alive and kicking!

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