I’m a hopeless romantic. And if you’re lucky enough to have found a soulmate then you’ve got it made…. But…. Valentine’s Day…Why does it cost three times as much to buy a bunch of flowers? Or double the price for a box of chocolates because they’ve got a red ribbon on them….And the cards are sky high prices, just because they have a heart on them. What a rip off! This is what my wife made me this morning and it was perfect!

So as Old Blue Eyes sang…”Each day is Valentine’s Day…”

23 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S PAY..

  1. This is cute. As long as the love is true in hearts we don’t need a new thing or a rose or some red ribbons to prove that love exist between two hearts. Your wife made a perfect thing for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to both 💞💐

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  2. Aww. You big softy Vinny. As a Valentine treat for Mrs Hobbo, I put the bins out, even though it wasn’t my turn. you can’t get much more romantic than that!😂

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