Attack Of The Killer Bee Lady…..

A couple of years ago I was strolling in the town centre in Hull. I turned and saw this huge bee coming at me. I was startled and to be honest I nearly hit her over the head with a rolled up newspaper but my wife stopped me. Good job I didn’t. Her name is Jean Bishop and she started to try and raise money for Age UK. She is in her 90s and so far she has raised over £120,000 for the charity. One very determined lady!

17 thoughts on “Attack Of The Killer Bee Lady…..

  1. Amazing lady! Reminds me of Captain Tom Moore, who died just a couple of weeks ago, but was a wonderful, caring man. You guys have the good ones on your side of the pond, while we have the idiots over here!

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      1. I think that any time there are more guns in the hands of civilians than there are people in the nation, there’s a problem. There are some here who put their guns ahead of their own children, who believe it is their ‘right’ to go about maskless and infect others, and if any try to stop them … well, they just pull out their gun! Sigh.

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      2. Many of us in this nation, including myself, don’t understand it, either. And the insistence that they be able to own assault rifles that can plow down a hundred people in about a minute … WHO needs such a thing? Sigh. No, it isn’t likely to be stopped any time soon, certainly not in my lifetime, for I believe the gun nuts would take this country into another Civil War if we tried to outlaw guns.

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      3. Yeah I think you’re right about the civil war. I just can’t get my head around it to be honest. We are not perfect in the UK and knife crime is rocketing. Many down south London area. But when somebody is shot and killed it’s national news.

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      4. True, but I’d rather face down a knife than a gun any day, for I’d stand at least an even chance against a knife, but zero against a gun if the holder of that gun seriously intended me harm.

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